H.S. Skovoroda National Literary and Memorial Museum is located in the former manor house of Kovalevski noblemen, and it is an example of the XVIII century architecture. In its collection the museum has documents, books, paintings, watch engraved with name and other interesting exhibits that tell us about the life of a prominent philosopher.
The true decoration of the museum is an old park with a lime alley, laid back in the XVIII century, a fruit garden and a 700-year-old oak, under the crown of which Hryhorii Savych liked to give in to reflections.
The zest of the park is the "Landscape Alley", a place for the exposition of original sculptural compositions and a meeting place of the creative intelligentsia.
Hryhorii Skovoroda has found his peace in his favorite Pan-Ivanivka, that is exactly the name Skovorodynivka village used to have. The grave of the philosopher is carefully preserved on the territory of the museum, and near you can see the monument dedicated to the thinker made by sculptor Ivan Kavaleridze.

Kharkiv region, Zolochiv district, Skovorodynivka village, Pryozerna st., 3

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