Для людей з вадами зору
Для людей з вадами слуху
Для людей у візках
Для немовлят у візках

Kharkiv Philharmonia is a new art space on the map of Kharkiv that lives for ages of musical tradition. Already at the time of its creation, in the second half of the XIX century, the famous interior of unprecedented architectural luxury existed – a copyfrom the famous Thuringian Palace in France. Now the hall with unique acoustics is preserved and almost completelyrestored, and the organ department belonging to the new philharmoniccomplex, already pleases guests. And there really is what to be pleased with. New organ of the firm Alexander Schuke, which has 5700 pipes and 72 registers, has a magicalsound, in addition, thanks to the technical reception, music in any part of the room soundsequally well.

Kharkiv,Rymarska st, 21, 

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