«Nataliivka» is the former estate of well-known sugar manufacturer family Kharytonenko. Nataliivskyi Park occupies a territory of about 50 hectares and consists of oak and pine woods, the chestnut alley, hardwoods and shrubs, that form the picturesque groups. Some of the buildings belonging to Kharytonenko family remained intact. Those are the residential house, the coach house, the water tower, the riding hall, the entrance gate and the Church. A real gem of the estate is the Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi cathedral, built for the wedding of  Natalia Kharytonenko and Prince Mykhailo Horchakov. The sculptural decoration of the temple facades was made by the marble of Vahankivske cemetery by the project of prominent sculptor S. T. Kononkov.

Kharkiv region, Krasnokutskyi district, Volodymyrivka village