T.H. Shevchenko Garden

The Shevchenko Garden is a lucrative place for tourists to explore many of Kharkiv's prominent and interesting places.
The T.H. Shevchenko Garden is the oldest one among the city's gardens and parks. During the founding of Kharkiv city, it was a deep natural oak grove that covered the approaches to the Kharkiv fortress from the north. The garden was founded on the lands allotted for the university in 1805. Hundreds of plant species brought from different parts of the world were acclimatized in the garden thanks to the participation of well-known university professors. The University Astronomical Observatory was opened in 1808, and it continues to work nowadays. The monument to the great Ukrainian poet and artist T.H. Shevchenko was installed here in 1935, and the garden soon received a new name thanks to the monument. After the installation of the monument, there was carried out a landscaping reconstruction and new alleys, grounds and fountains appeared.

Kharkiv,Sumska st., 35